Supports Projects at all Phases

Improve cost control, budget oversight and profitability with a full-service job costing and receivables solution that lets you manage the financial aspects of the construction lifecycle for projects of every size and description—from capital expenditures and single-unit improvements to ground-up developments.

Yardi Construction Management helps you keep projects on track with heightened cost control, complete budget oversight, and confident forecasting and management of contracts, commitments and cash flow. The solution is flexible enough to accommodate all types of construction projects, including CAPEX, tenant improvements, unit renovation, commercial, residential and affordable property development.

Product Highlights

Construction and Development

Yardi Construction Management supports projects at all phases—from pre-development to close-out—and for any duration. The solution also helps you develop financing plans for construction projects and manage contract commitments, draws and progress billings from general contractors and subcontractors. It can also perform projected final and cash flow forecasting.

Job Costing and Budgeting

With a user-defined cost code structure, Yardi Construction Management automatically tracks your actual costs and compares them to the job budget. You get full visibility into all committed costs and change orders. Job cost and the general ledger are updated in real time when the transactions are entered. Billing and draws can be easily created for actual costs incurred, by percent complete or from the project schedule, and are reflected immediately on the job record.

Comprehensive Reporting

Yardi Construction Management strengthens your reporting by providing numerous options for receiving the information you need. Reports in various formats deliver all information related to budget amounts, revisions, commitments, change orders and amounts billed to date per category. Slice the data any way you like—by property, job, cost code, or job attribute—just to name a few options.

Increased Flexibility

With Yardi Construction Management, you can apply user-defined workflow approvals for jobs, budgets, contracts and budget transactions. You can tailor the system to hide the features and fields you are not using for simplicity purposes. The system also provides numerous ways to define your own fields for capturing pertinent data for historical purposes and reporting. Also, importing and exporting with Excel is available on numerous pages for additional analysis.

Key Features

  • Unlimited, user-defined budget cost categories with templates and models
  • Full contract and change order, committed cost tracking and analysis
  • Detailed, real-time recording of job costs and other actions across the entire construction lifecycle
  • Multiple job cost summary and detail reports with drilldown to underlying transactions
  • Custom, automated workflow approval for jobs, job budgets and revisions, contracts and change orders
  • Multiple points of access for importing and exporting data
  • Custom job cost analytics for creating your own reports

Key Benefits

  • Complete financial oversight with easily tracked real-time cost, commitment and budget comparisons across the portfolio
  • Tight cost control with automatic over-budget monitoring of every transaction
  • Governance with predefined workflows and rules consistent with Yardi Voyager®
  • Seamless integration with Voyager
  • Created specifically for the real estate industry