Flexible Tool for Managing Inspections

Schedule, perform, and manage inspections with superior efficiency — and the flexibility to enter and access inspection data from a smartphone or tablet.

Yardi Inspection is a flexible tool for scheduling, performing, and managing all types of inspections at commercial and residential properties. All inspection data is stored in your centralised Yardi Voyager® database to provide total transparency. And with mobile access, you can easily manage inspections from a smartphone or tablet.

Product Highlights

Streamlined Inspections

Create customised inspection templates that follow your business rules and ratings, and assign inspections based on criteria you define. Yardi Inspection tracks the inspector, inspection type (such as move-in or move-out), status, due date, completion time, and more. Work orders and notification letters are automatically created based on the findings of the inspection.

Detailed Reports

Global access to Voyager ensures faster processing and up-to-the-minute reports. View detailed reports on inspection history including property type, technician notes and findings. Yardi Inspection facilitates communication with residents and tenants about inspection scheduling and results with Microsoft® Word merge letters that can be printed or emailed using the notifications feature.

Mobile Access

Yardi Inspection Mobile enhances the functionality of Yardi Inspection with the ability to access and enter inspection data from an iPhone®, Android,™ Android™ Tablet, or iPad®. Assigned inspections appear on an inspector’s device instantly, and completed results update the Voyager record automatically. Yardi Inspection Mobile can even operate in areas without a cellular or wireless connection, and synchronise data once the connection is reestablished.

Key Features

  • Tracking by inspector, type, status, due date, completion time, resident/tenant, and more
  • Support for all inspection types including move-in, move-out, annual, due diligence, safety checks, regulatory reviews, and HOA violations
  • Flexible templates with granularity options and custom ratings (e.g., pass/fail, clean/requires cleaning, replace)
  • User-definable areas (e.g., kitchen, bedroom, bath, exterior) and elements (e.g., plumbing, refrigerator, windows, business permits)
  • Custom business rules enforced (e.g., fail the unit or room if a critical item does not pass)
  • Cost quotes recorded and work orders created from the inspection screen
  • Notification letters generated by inspection results and follow-up scheduling
  • Inspection reports by unit, tenant, inspector, or unit type
  • Mobile access for iPhone,® Android,™ Android™ Tablet, and iPad®

Key Benefits

  • Improved decision-making with up-to-the minute inspection data in Yardi Voyager®
  • Comprehensive inspection of assets with customisable templates
  • Complete inspection histories with photo and voice memo attachments
  • Efficient deployment of inspection personnel with mobile access

Yardi Inspection may be used alone with Voyager or in conjunction with Yardi’s additional facilities management modules. For clients who desire a complete facilities management solution the Yardi facilities offering includes Yardi Maintenance™, Yardi Inspection™, Yardi Fixed Assets™ and Yardi Advanced Maintenance™.