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Europäische Kunden

Yardi Systems ist das branchenweit führende Investment-, Asset- und Property-Management-System mit über 4.000 Kunden aus verschiedenen Branchen in den Bereichen Einzelhandel, Büro, Industrie und Wohnimmobilien. Hier finden Sie eine Auswahl von Zitaten einiger unserer Kunden aus Großbritannien und weltweit aus Asien, Australien, Europa, dem Nahen Osten und Nordamerika.

Mehr als zehn Millionen Wohneinheiten und bis zu 750 Millionen Quadratmeter Gewerbefläche werden mit Yardi-Lösungen verwaltet. Wir freuen uns darauf, alle unsere Kunden bei ihren Investment-, Asset- und Property Management zu unterstützen.

“Being able to meet client standards and regulatory needs in any jurisdiction added a huge amount of confidence in the services we provide. Yardi’s innovation is global in scope but the company also knows the needs of local markets. Having such a multi-dimensional platform has allowed us to further build credibility and confidence among our clients with regards to our reporting and financial control functions.”

Adam Pearce – Managing Partner

“As a listed REIT plc we have strict reporting requirements to both our shareholders and the market in general. Voyager ensures that the underlying source data is correct and validated.”

Emma Mackenzie, a Director at NewRiver

“Faced with an increasing demand for more advanced and sophisticated reporting, we turned to Yardi to help us sustain our goal of continuous improvements in our client services,” comments Marc Poelmann, managing director at Fris Investment Care. “It is extremely important for us to have complete, correct internal management reports and client reports available at any given point in time. Yardi Voyager’s integrated processes and workflows and extensive standard
reporting capabilities will facilitate our drive to deliver best-in-class service for our clients.”

Johan Buijs, CEO at NSI comments; “The Yardi solution provides us with a platform to improve our management information processes. An important condition for success is an internal organization that operates transparently, effectively and efficiently. We are confident that the Yardi platform will help us meet the highest standards in the industry, not only internally but also for our shareholders.”

Founder Sansal Ozdemir remarks “Quality, accuracy and timeliness of reports are key success factors for us. We cannot imagine delivering these via any other software.”

“We are very pleased to have Yardi in place enabling us to increase our efficiency together with our quality and to secure our future growth in a responsible way.”

Michiel Campagne – Director Property Management – BNP Paribas Real Estate Netherlands B.V.

“Vastned is a listed European retail property company focusing on premium shopping venues on the most popular shopping streets of selected European cities. Our tenants are leading international and national retailers, so it is important that our technology partner is also leader in the field.”

Reinier Walta – CFO – Vastned

“The automation, transparency and fully integrated accounting and property management that Voyager provides will help us manage our daily financial and operational activities more efficiently and enhance our competitive position within the Dutch office market.”

Alon Levy – Director – Camelbay Real Estate Management NL B.V.

“We look forward to consolidating our real estate data and operations through a single platform. This will help us deliver enhanced investor services, as well as expand and streamline our reporting capabilities.”

Thami Khettam – CFO – Aradei Capital.

“It was critical to Fine Grain’s growth to implement a transparent property management solution,” said Cormac Ó Tighearnaigh, Chief Executive Ireland for Fine Grain. “The Voyager platform provides the detailed functionality and the portfolio clarity needed to deliver the reliability of reporting we require for all of our stakeholders.”

Cormac Ó Tighearnaigh – Chief Executive Ireland – Fine Grain

“We are committed to ensuring that our clients’ portfolios appreciate over time and generate attractive returns. It is extremely important that we continue to utilise the most effective real estate solutions available to support our goals.”

Hubertus von Rothkirch und Panthen for Leoff Group.

“To sustain our growth, we selected the Yardi platform for integrating and automating our accounting and lease administration operations. We expect this will reduce costs, help our staff enhance their efficiency and ensure accurate reporting required by securities regulators.”

Inge Tas – Chief Financial Officer – Intervest Offices & Warehouses.

“Yardi’s Voyager 7S is a class-leading real estate fund administration and property management system, that will accommodate our expanding list of clients, provide enhanced reporting and add workforce mobility to help drive operational efficiencies. Voyager’s breadth of functionality, from property management, right through the fund accounting processes to investor and client reporting in a single system, will allow us to significantly enhance the services that are available to our existing and target client base. It will also play an integral part in the success of our future growth plans.”

Gordon Shaw – Managing Director – Capita